THE NUMBER ONE BODY SHOP IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!!! You feel like of are a part of the family there. These guys are the best and I will always send people there they help you out with everything you need. If anything ever happens to my future cars I know exactly where to go. TAKE YOUR CAR THERE!!! THEY MAKE IT RUN AND LOOK LIKE ITS BRAND NEW… Thank You Amato’s!!!!

Dana C.

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

I really liked this place! I went here in Nov. 2007– right around Thanksgiving. They got me in very quickly, whenever I wanted. The staff was super nice to me, they didn’t seem snooty at all. I loved my experience. My car was done before they anticipated, they washed it and gave me orchids when I picked it up. What could I not like?! Luckily I was not at fault and someone was paying out of pocket– they seemed pricey, but it was quick, easy, friendly with great service and a great end result!

Michelle S.

Carlsbad, CA

My front and rear bumpers were an eye sore..paint faded,scratches on back bumper, front one had paint chiping and a ugly line down the middle.. I took them in and in about 4 days they look like they just came out of factory and match my cars paint perfectly. I couldn’t be any happier and satisfied with the work done. I was so pleases with the work I purchased eveyone donuts. I higly recommend this place to anyone who needs a true full service auto nody shop. By the way the customer service is spectacular.

Alviz V.

San Diego, CA

My husband and I have lived in Del Mar for 22 years. My son took our 911 Porsche out and had an accident.we thought the car was totaled. Paul Amato and his crew fixed it better than new! They did an amazing job. Someone recently hit my new Mercedes and I took it to Amato’s and once again was very pleased. They also, at their expense, fixed some deep scratches ,unrelated to the accident, on the other side. I was thrilled! They do such quality work and always aim to please. Thank you, Paul and crew!

Teri K.

Del Mar, CA

Our Jaguar convertible was hit and run TWICE! We used Amato’s both times. They were courteous, efficient and the car looks like new. The second time we were hit, I actually felt relaxed about it all. “We’ll just go to Amato’s.” They are not the cheapest as another reviewer mentioned, but I don’t have a cheap car. If you want quality and detail, it is worth it.

Dee H.

San Diego, CA

Garry Grant

Encinitas, CA