With the increasing numbers of Tesla Motors vehicles on the road, we’d like to highlight the newest model in the lineup and give you some insight into our facilities qualifications for repairing Tesla vehicles.

With the enormous popularity of the Model S, Tesla Motors has created an entirely new space in the luxury sedan market and continues to prove that full electric vehicles can not only match standards of efficiency, luxury and performance of conventional petrol cars, but even outperform them in many ways. If however, you’re looking for a car equipped with all wheel drive, Tesla simply didn’t have an option for you, until now. With the introduction of the new D option you can have any Tesla model present or future equipped with Dual Motors, which equates to AWD using a motor to power both the front axle, as well as a motor for the rear. At the top of this range sits the Tesla P85D which retains the Model S’s standard 470hp rear motor and adds a 221hp front motor to increase power figures to a stomach dropping 691hp and 687lb-ft of immediately available torque.  The AWD D option will not only be available to the Model S lineup but future cars such as the upcoming Model X electric crossover. This is incredible news for Tesla and electric vehicle fans alike.

With these recent announcements to the Tesla Motors line, Amato’s is expecting the rate of Tesla’s on the road to continue increasing in dramatic fashion, and we want to remind everyone of our expertise in working with these vehicles. Amato’s Auto Body is the ONLY Tesla Factory Authorized facility in San Diego certified to work on, repair, and correct these models in true factory fashion. We are the number one chosen repair shop for San Diego Tesla owners and will continue to serve the SD Tesla community with the utmost care and professionalism. We can’t wait to see the P85D, Model X and AWD vehicles on the roads of SoCal and we promise to deliver the most quality experience around when you bring your Tesla to us.

Telsa-Dual-Motor-P85D Amato's Auto Body