After receiving the 2013 San Diego A-List Award for the Best Auto Body Shop, Amato’s has sought out to raise the bar even higher for 2014. For those that are unfamiliar with the A-List contest; it is an online voting extension of that allows the public to vote for their favorite businesses. There are large amounts of small and large companies that are nominated to be a contender on the San Diego A-List and Amato’s Auto Body has been on for the past 4 years. The top body shops in Southern California have been nominated once again for 2014 which kept the competition high.

In order to stay at the top, Amato’s has added some new certifications to go along with the previous 11 Factory Certifications that they already possessed. In 2014 Amato’s received the Tier 2 Mercedes Certification which is extremely difficult to achieve. This certification allows Amato’s to repair all of the new aluminum chassis’ from Mercedes-Benz and is the only facility in San Diego. Another large achievement for Amato’s was receiving several new factory certifications including Bentley, Range Rover, and Tesla. These new certifications broaden the spectrum of vehicles that Amato’s is able to fully repair by utilizing factory replacement parts and technicians.

Amato’s once again walked away with the 1st Place Award for Best Auto Body Shop in San Diego with the help of satisfied customers and fans. This award goes to show that Amato’s is not in the run for the sprint, but in it for the marathon to continue to strive to be the best shop in San Diego. Keep yourself updated with Amato’s by visiting the Facebook and Instagram pages.