Amato’s Auto Body is no stranger to being an industry leader with most Factory Certifications in town. However, there is a constant urge to further our knowledge and keep current with new technologies and methods of repairing vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is an amazing automobile manufacturer that has been introducing several new vehicles in the past 2 years. These new vehicles have many state of the art improvements ranging from the way the chassis is constructed to the types of material used to construct body components. Being a Mercedes-Benz Factory Certified Body Shop already, we found the opportunity to take it to the next level.

Among our very talented team, we have many very experienced and certified technicians. Our very own Anthony Giordano has been MB certified for many years, and was the one to continue his education and gain another certification. Mercedes-Benz made a huge breakthrough with the newest version of the SL lineup. Originally, “SL” stood for Super Light, and with their all-new aluminum frame, they have raised the bar again. The new frame is constructed from five different types of aluminum which are die cast, chilled, cast, extruded, thermoformed, and stamped. Being almost 300lbs lighter than the previous generation, it has also achieved 20% greater rigidity.

The range of our services at Amato’s Auto Body range from Paintless Dent Removal, all the way to frame repair. Each factory certification that we have resembles that we posses the skills and experience to repair each vehicle to the standards of the manufacturer. Often in the occurrence of a large accident, we are required to replacepanels of the vehicles and repair the frame of the vehicle. During this process,welding is required to reattach body components. However, the level of welding must be up to the manufacturers standards in order to leave the body shop with the stamp of approval.

Our already certified and extremely skilled technician Anthony Giordano travelled to Houston, Texas for 2 weeks to begin training for the Mercedes-Benz Tier 2 Certification. The training consisted of different welding techniques for differentpanels and thickness. In a perfect world, it is ideal to weld everything on a benchwhile sitting down. However, in the auto body repair world, it is required to weld different panels in many different angles such as the side, down low, or even overhead. This is a very difficult task to accomplish with the different angles, let alone laying down a absolute perfect weld. Mercedes-Benz gave Anthony several different test pieces and panels to weld, which would then be sent to Germany for tests.

After rigorous and cutthroat reviewing by the officials at Mercedes-Benz, we successfully received our Tier 2 Certification! This certification allows Amato’s Auto Body to be the only repair facility in San Diego to correctly repair the new aluminum frames that Mercedes-Benz manufactures. For more information regarding this new certification, please contact us via email or give us a call!