Our 15,000 square foot facility employs a full range of manufacturer approved state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your vehicle is repaired to the original OEM specifications. Visit our Gallery to view for your self!


Our repair technicians are always current on required training and certifications and our equipment is environmentally safe and compliant with all federal, state and local laws and requirements. Not only will your vehicle be repaired correctly, but it will be repaired in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Structural Repairs

  • Chief E-Z Liner/S21 Frame Machine
  • Cellette Bench – BMW/Mercedes Benz/Audi/VW  – Approved
  • Global Bench – Aston Martin Approved
  • Dedicated Aluminum Repair Room
  • Car Bench – Mercedes Benz/Porsche – Approved
  • LaserMate Frame System
  • Five (5) Four-post Heavy duty lifts
  • Dual Post Wheel Lift for Muffler repair


  • Three (3) Downdraft Heated Spray Cabins – Water Borne Ready
  • All Spray Cabins Equipped with Color Corrected Day Lighting
  • Systems for Expert Color Matching
  • Color System Paint Lines – BMW
  • PPG  EnviroBase – Ferrari/Aston Martin
  • Infrared Curing Lights
  • RapidMatch X-5 Spectrophotometer – Color Adjustment


  • Hunter Computerized Alignment Rack
  • Mercedes Benz Certified Alignment Training


  • Steel Mig Weld Welders
  • Dedicated Aluminum Tig
  • Mercedes Benz Approved Aluminum Mig Welder
  • Mercedes Benz Approved Techna Boron Steel Spot Welder
  • Mercedes Benz Approved Plasma Cutter
  • Techna Spot Welder #VAS 6530 – Audi/Mercedes/Porsche/VW
  • ProSpot Dent Puller