Damage to the front & rear bumpers of cars occurs everyday due to normal wear and tear from the roads we drive on. And unfortunately, most of the time it is out of our control to miss these small incidents. However, Amato’s Auto Body specializes in Bumper Repair no matter how small or large the imperfections may be. Upon inspection of the vehicle, we are able to determine which route must be take to repair the bumper. There are many instances where the bumper can be repaired easily by utilizing our Paintless Dent Removal services and can inadvertently save you money on your repairs!

We pride ourselves in our quality of repairs as well as the timely manner in which they occur. All bumper repairs are handled by factory-trained technicians to insure proper removal, repair, and installation. Assisting our technicians in the repair process, our talented painters and paintless dent removal experts. If you would like to receive a free estimate and consolation, please make an appointment via phone call or by our Contact Us page.