Becoming a “Professional” in automotive painting is something that is not achieved quickly or easily. There are many years of experience and extensive training which must be had to become a Factory Certified Painter. Our painting skills truly speak for themselves at the end of the day. We utilize only the best and highest qualified factory certified painters with the most state of the art equipment. We take pride in our work, and strive to offer the best-finished product possible. The entire painting process requires a high level of skill from damage assessment, body repairs, paint preparation, painting, and polishing to finish it off. Each step is equally as important to achieving the best finished product.

Our Painting services range from the following:

  • Smaller Repairs – These repairs consist of bumper repairs, small spot spraying, and deep dent removal
  • Spot Painting – This service is geared for vehicles that may only need 1 to a few panels repainted. Since the entire car is not needing to be repainted, the panels are repainted and blended in with the existing paint to provide a great repair.
  • Whole Car Painting – This service consists of the repainting every panel of the vehicle whether you are looking for a color change, or if the vehicle’s paint has been severely damaged.

Our facility features environmentally friendly equipment and booths that are designed to reduce harmful chemicals from leaking in the environment. Some of these features include the following:

  • Downdraft Heated Spray Cabins w/ Color Corrected Day Lighting
  • Systems for Expert Color Matching
  • BWM Color System Spies Hecker (The only Porsche approved paint line)
  • PPG & Glasurit Paint Lines
  • Infrared Curing Lights
  • Paint Recycling System
  • Environment Safe Spray Equipment Washer
  • Paint Department Complies with all Federal, State and Local Laws & Requirements – Paint Department Water Borne Trained

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