There are some things that are inevitable when owning a car, and the most common of them all are dents. Dents seem to find a way on various parts of the cars’ bodies due to the road, parking lots, and countless other incidents. At Amato’s, we specialize in all types of body repairs whether they are a door ding, to a major collision. This service is perfect for those who are seeking to repair that “eye catching” dent to the person who wants to fix their vehicle before a car sale or lease return. This service can provide a large amount ROI for those who are looking to sell their vehicles.

With most dents, we are able to restore them to almost perfect condition without the need of repainting the particular panel. One of the added benefits to this service is that depending on where the dent is located and how large, we are able to repair it without any major bodywork. The most common made misconception is that large amounts of money and bodywork are required to fix dents. When in fact, most of these repairs can be easily repaired with our Paint less Dent Removal Service! Our very skilled technicians have many years of experience paired with the most state of the art equipment.

For more information, please contact us via telephone or make an appointment online. Our staff would be happy to give you a free estimate on any dent removal services you may need!

Mobile Dent Removal
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